the idea for today's dart was to make a pile of ordinary balloons look like a pile of giant grapes on the street in dublin city. i did it with my friend aidan. after getting all the materials we needed we looked for a suitable place to make and display our grapes. it was a pretty calm day but every now and then a big wind came from nowhere. kinda worrying because we thought it might blow our balloons away. we ended up doing it in the square in temple bar because it was the least windiest place we checked out. temple bar is a really cool and popular and expensive part of dublin city.

step 1. blowing up the balloons and sticking them together.
we bought 75 balloons. we wanted our pile of grapes to look really big and surreal. i only learned how to blow a balloon a month ago so i hoped i had it in me to blow so many. around 35 each and 75% blown up so they formed the oval shape of a grape and not a circle shape. but then, just as i opened the first pack of balloons, aidan told me that he couldn't blow a balloon. i gave him many "how to blow a balloon for beginners" lessons and demonstrations but he couldn't get the hang of it. no problem though we thought, i could blow them and he could stick them.

this approach was fine until i started to feel dizzy from all the blowing. we hadn't thought of how it could be hard to blow up so many balloons. pretty quickly too cos i was under pressure to catch a train home for my cousin's engagement party so i didn't really have time to take many breaks. aidan didn't have any plans i think but i didn't like the idea of taking up lots of his time.

step 2. structure and colour.
the initial idea was to make a large circular base of balloons and add 3 or 4 more similar layers on top. this would mean that it would look like a pile of grapes from every angle you looked at it from. it would be 3d like.

we couldn't do it that way though because the balloons we bought came in two different shapes. circle shape and the long and thin shape that clowns use. we'd thought they were all circle shaped. the circle ones were perfect for what we were doing but we couldn't use the clown ones. they just didn't look like grapes. this meant we had half as many balloons to turn into grapes than we thought we did when we started. not enough to make a large convincing pile of grapes so we opted for a wall of grapes instead. this only looked like grapes from one particular angle or viewpoint though. 2d grapes i suppose.

all the balloons were different colours. aidan coloured them all green with spray-paint when we were happy with the structure.

step 3. ways of making it better and attack.
when we stopped working and stood back and looked at it we could see ways of making it better. changing the position of some of the balloons, adding more colour, taping it neater etc. we were just about to do stuff like that when a big guy with a pierced tongue came over and kicked the whole thing down and burst all the balloons. very annoying. we called it a day after that happened.

it didn't come out as well as we hoped. kinda frustrating but we had fun making it. i'll definitely try it again sometime. much bigger than today's attempt though, massive like. it would probably be handier to make it at home first and then bring it to wherever it's being photographed.

big thanks to aidan for all the help.


The Boy said...

balloons, tape and spray paint.

Anonymous said...

as much as tongue guy annoys me, the two muppets in the back are worse. gar

Aidan said...

It was a lot of fun to do :-). i think they turned out pretty well. i suppose it would look more impressive if it was taller and if we sprayed all of the balloons green.

As you say, if we had more time we could've put it together at my house and transported it in, will defo be up for that when it suits : )


P.s. website recommendation : www.iancumberland.com .

the boy said...

know what you mean gar.

thanks aidan. good to know you would be up for doing it again sometime. cool link too. lots of amazing paintings. i think "no alarms and no surprises" is my favourite.