click here to see today's dart. it's a big file (around 2mb) and won't play properly until it's fully loaded so please be patient and wait for it to load :-). quicktime media player required to view.


Candiru Ghost said...

Cool. I like the audio:d

The Boy said...

the idea of this was to have a hungry man prepare a bowl of cereal, take a brand new pint of milk from his fridge and open it. when he pours it the milk is black and he gets a big surprise. all filmed with one camera in two takes but making it look like it was filmed in ONE take!

we had probs with making it look like black milk was coming straight out of the carton. first of all we used coke to look like black milk. coke fizzed up. we should have used coffee.

after filming the start i got to the bit of opening the carton, stopped and said "oh no, what will i do with the milk?". ahchang stopped filming. i didn't wanna move because then the effect of black milk coming from the carton would not work properly if i did. ahchang could not move either cos the camera angle had to stay the same. pity there wasn't anybody else in the house at the time actually. i ended up stretching to the cooker and pouring the milk into a filthy saucepan. what a waste of milk.

anyway, then i had to pour the coke into the carton which meant more movement. movement meant bad. i tried to return to my original position before all the mayhem (mayhem? i can't think of a better word). this was impossible though despite ahchang's efforts ("move a little bit left, right, left, fuck, no, yeah, what?"). we ended up getting it pretty close but the angle and my location are different so you can tell it's TWO takes. too tired and too late to go to the shop and buy more milk and do it all over again.

thanks for the comment maria. despite all the excuses i'm pretty happy with how it came out.