i went to the leaning tower of pisa today with ahchang. it was really cool. so many people there. i didn't know it was such a popular tourist attraction. i also didn't know that it's in the middle of a fancy palace - i thought it was in an ordinary part of the city like.

we'd planned to take photos that made it look like we were pushing the tower over but it turned out that EVERYBODY was doing that (not that that's a big problem or anything but you know what i mean!)...

photo from http://mel.daviel.org

disappointed with our unoriginal idea (and struggling to dart on holidays), i turned to ahchang and said "the whole pushing the tower over thing is cool but is there anything else we could do? something different like. maybe it could be today's dart." ahchang suggested a kick instead of a push. i can't remember why but we didn't try that for some reason.

we thought some more (very quickly) and came up with the idea of trying to make it look like one of us was holding the tower in our hand...

then, just after doing that, i smiled and said "eh...i got another idea, i don't know if you'll like it though..."

"yeah", i said, with memories of the strange sense of humour (sex jokes galore) of my secondary school classmates in my head and the sound of ahchang's crazy laugh in my ears, "this is today's dart."

ps i don't think my mam or dad will like this. please comment and show them that i'm not a loser that they should worry about and that there are other people in the world (probably linked to my secondary school in some way) that find this funny, thanks. :-).


The Boy said...

photos by me and ahchang.

Anonymous said...

ha ha!!! CBS-tastic!!!


P.S. Stop worrying about what anyone thinks of your DART, it's irrelevant.

Anonymous said...




Aidan said...

is that your penis?


the boy said...

thanks for comments. yep aidan, that's it.