a slideshow of a book i made. a little hard to read in parts during the first three minutes but it's fine after that. flash required to view.


The Boy said...

marker on paper in book. music by beethoven.

just incase you don't know, a keyframe is the storytelling drawing or picture of an action (a man getting up from his chair and opening the door for example) in animation. i think it can be used in the film world too.

it was either put around 50 or 60 photos up or make 1 slideshow out of all the photos. i went for the slideshow.

i look at 214 now and think of keyframes that are much more important than the ones in the book but stuff like that always happens with dart. overall i'm happy with it.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this (even though I now know that you associate me with Byker Grove and Grange Hill!!!).

Well done!!

Aoife (severely jetlagged and just about to ring you...)