The Boy said...

"Bloc Party frontman Kele Okereke has labelled Oasis the "most overrated band of all time" and claimed they make "stupidity, hip".

Talking to Uncut magazine, the singer said, "They have had a totally negative and dangerous impact upon the state of British music... They claim to be inspired by The Beatles but - and this saddens me - they have failed to grasp that The Beatles were about constant change and evolution. Oasis are repetetive Luddites."

His comments are bound to add fuel to a simmering feud kicked off by Liam Gallagher last year when he claimed Bloc Party looked like a "University Challenge team".

Kele hit back, "It would have been a lot more funny had he not used exactly the same words to describe Travis a couple of years earlier.

"Having said that it's a very sad indication of (Liam's) mind. I mean why is it bad to look like you've been to university? Why is it bad to better yourself?"

He went on: "It is really daft to reinforce the idea that there is something cool about being dumb. The idea that your ambitions shouldn't extend beyond getting pissed and watching the football irks me... That is why I think I will ultimately end up living (in another country)."

article taken from mtv.co.uk.

i made #174 with marker and digital imaging software.

Azusa said...

ilove this. oasis is winning, yay!

Dan Cloney said...

Go Kele!!!

David said...

no dan, liam gallacher for pope