The Boy said...

manipulated photography. i had to rush it because of college and graphic design work. :-(. this picture might strike you as being very moody or negative but, for me at least, it is the complete opposite; it is very positive.

this picture says that life is hard but not all the time, only sometimes. it is about positivity. i suppose i am referring to my own life when i say life because, to get philosophical for a second, i don't know what life is like for you (or how you feel about it) but, without sounding too preachy, i do believe that being positive in a realistic manner is great for your health.

why did i try to make it look as if the words are carved on a bruised chest? because i wanted to give my point tenacity. i wanted to show you how much i believe in realistic positivity. unfortunately rushed photo manipulation made this carved effect look unrealistic but at least i captured the idea.

everytime i die said...

john i love it, i was going to leave a simple low wit-'use it as yer myspace lol' but no, i can definetly see where you're coming from with this. i love the....vocabulary bad from study financial markets but yeah i love it and you know it

a said...

good message to put out there. fuck negativity even though it's usually there in some form.