everybody farts. flash required to view.


The Boy said...

the vulgarity of a fart depends on its context.

everybody farts. don't feel bad when you do. even if it is by accident in public.

just for the record, i don't like farting but it doesn't offend me.

the only part of #93 that i did not make was the music (the computery version of r.e.m.'s classic song 'everybody hurts').

Anonymous said...

mr. dunne i would like to inform you that my client, fingleton, praise be his name, is deeply offended by his inclusion in this vulgar display of power...

failure to remove my client's image will result in the execution of horrific retribution by my clients minions who find such characterisation demeaning to their faith and their god...o wise one fingleton, praise be his name,

you have been warned legally that you will be struck down by another level of power...the fire of fingletons, praise be his name, islamic fury

in the nature of good relations between faiths please ensure that the image of fingleton, praise be his name, is removed from this sham, this filth

i entreat you mr. dunne to act quickly, walk on home boy or you will be destroyed by my clients peace loving peoples

....that was random, im goin to look kinda anti islamic when people read this...so be it...ignorance is bliss...but i have wiped the smile off my face

darragh out...glad to see that vid exists after all these months...later my good man

Anonymous said...

wow on 2nd reading that looks really anti-islamic...

if you know me, you will know im not and you may get the point i endin up makin unintenionally...mis-representation...etc., sorry to be fillin up this page with pointless comments...darragh out again

Aidan Thomas John Holland said...

your head is so crazy. i wouldn't be surprised if you were a genius. why is this funny?! it shouldn't be, but it's so fucking funny