The Boy said...

i made this, my first ever 3d image, for a college project. the brief was to make a 3d still life. i used tutorials to model the objects and tried to stamp my personality on them when colouring and compositing them by refining whatever i could. i was gutted when i remembered that banksy did a tesco version of warhol's iconic campbell soup can..........why didn't i make a dunnes stores or lidl or sainsburys wrapper!!!??? oh well, there is always next time.

linn said...

i might just be stupid, but... did you actually create these from scratch? all of it? i just couldn't believe that, they look so like photos!

The Boy said...

hi linn.

yeah, this image was made from scratch. i did use tutorials to help me model the lava lamp, chess pawn and soup can though.

i modelled and coloured the objects in 3d graphics software. flat colour was added digitally. realistic textures were achieved by simply placing images of the desired texture on the objects i wanted to decorate. so, in this case, a photograph of wood was added to the 3d chess pawn model and a tesco soup wrapper (made in photoshop) was added to the 3d can model.

hope that helps!